Datamaster DMT Breath-Testing Machine Overview

What Is Datamaster DMT?

The DataMaster DMT is a high tech breath-testing machine that will soon be used by Minnesota authorities to test the blood alcohol content (BAC) of a driver who shows indications of driving while impaired (DWI). This device replaces the Intoxilyzer 5000EN, which has long been used by Minnesota for BAC testing procedures. The Intoxilyzer 5000EN has been at the center of a 5-year legal battle that a coalition of Minnesota DWI lawyers started. The lawyers have been questioning the reliability and accuracy of the source code of the device.

How Does DataMaster DMT Work?

The breath test result and how the breath test machine actually works is one of the great mysteries with regard to drunken driving cases. The DataMaster DMT uses an infrared light beam called infrared spectrophotometry for measuring an individual’s alcohol content from the breath. Alcohol, scientifically referred to as Ethanol, absorbs infrared light.

The air that an individual breathes out, also referred to as the sample, is captured into the device as the infrared light travels through the machine’s sample chamber. This process causes Ethanol molecules in the chamber to vibrate, and the Ethanol absorbs a considerable amount of infrared energy.

The amount of energy along with your breath sample traveling through the machine‘s chamber is then measured at the other end. If the certain amount of energy that passed through the machine’s chamber is less at the other end, then the machine concludes that there’s a presence of alcohol in your body.  

The screen of the DMT displays the breath flow of an individual and real-time alcohol absorption curve. The machine can also determine the driver’s cooperation level during the breath test.

The information gathered by the DataMaster DMT is electronically stored in the machine’s system for retrieval in the future. Also, the operator prints a full-color test ticket of the alcohol curve and breath profile information to support a possible DWI case.

A Close Look At DataMaster DMT

The new DataMaster DMT is an updated version of previous DataMaster versions and contains several new updates and features. It has a large display screen with an interface based on Windows which greatly improved the usability and functionality of the machine.

The DMT’s interface uses 32-bit, 520 MHz processor with full-color graphic touch screen and efficient sampling system. Data is entered by the operator through a keyboard. The machine has dynamically-designed modular instrument software which is easily adaptable to all specifications of the authorities. Every state is then free to set its own specifications as determined by the law of the state. The DataMaster has a serial port for allowing communication with a specific digital simulator.  The DataMaster DMT is capable of capturing and saving the driver’s breath profile. This comes in handy for cases of implied consent or refusals for breath tests.

Is DataMaster DMT Perfect?

The new DataMaster DMT is believed to be more accurate than the Intoxilyzer 5000EN in measuring the BAC level of a drunken driver which is why the state decided to replace the latter.  The electronic functionality of the new machine is considered advanced and more improved compared to the intoxilyzer 5000EN.

Is the Datamaster DMT perfect?  Can the DWI case charged against an offender be challenged, if the Datamaster deemed your blood alchohol level above the legal limit?
The answer to both questions is a “Yes”

The advancement of the DMT’s software doesn’t make it perfect and more importantly the DMT is only as good as the person who uses and maintains it. So if the police officer makes an error in operating the DataMaster DMT, the results can be questioned. Aside from that, the nature of how an offender was arrested by a police officer is also a factor that needs to be considered in dealing with a DWI case.

Is DataMaster DMT Perfect?

For the DataMaster DMT to work properly, as with other machines, it needs to be properly maintained and the police authorities have to keep the maintenance procedures logged. In many cases, based on the records of the states using this machine, authorities tend to neglect the importance of this maintenance log.

If there are discrepancies or errors in the log, experienced DWI lawyers could raise a legal issue flowing from such log flaws. Lawyers may be able to present the maintenance log to show that the machine was not properly maintained which caused the erroneous result of breath tests. 
Another way to defend a DWI case is to question the nature of the arrest even if the result of the DataMaster DMT is found to be accurate. An experienced DWI lawyer gathers all resources to uncover the nature of the arrest to determine if the arrest was faulty. Police authorities are not perfect and do make mistakes. Sometimes officers fail to follow their own rules of breath test administration. Proving to the court that the arresting officer made a faulty arrest may mean beating the DataMaster DMT and your Minnesota DWI charge.

A good Minnesota DWI attorney will also take into account the offender’s medical issues. There are many medical conditions which can cause problems with the DataMaster DMT, or any breath testing device for that matter. A driver charged with DWI having any issue with the digestive system or the respiratory system may be able to show that the breath test result is not accurate.

Infrared light absorbs not only alcohol from the breath sample, but also acetone which is present in diabetic patients and the machine may read acetone as alcohol. If the machine finds alcohol in a breath sample, it doesn’t know what part of the body the alcohol came from, whether from the oral cavity, mouth or lungs. This could mean that if a person has periodontal disease, wearing dentures, or has Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD, the alcohol contained in other parts of the body such as mouth or stomach may contaminate the breath and can be mistaken by the machine as coming from the lungs. A certain body temperature during the breath test can also cause inflated breath test result.

The Bottom Line

There are ways to challenge the DataMaster DMT and an experienced DWI lawyer such as Douglas T. Kans knows exactly what they are and when it is appropriate to use them in your defense. So, if you have been charged with a DWI in Minnesota, then immediately contact Kans Law Firm at (952) 835-6314 for a Free Consultation regarding your DWI case.

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