Why You Should Consult a Minnesota Criminal Attorney When Dealing With Criminal Charges


Written By Douglas T. Kans

The kind of criminal attorney a Minnesota resident needs is one that has expertise in both criminal law and a thorough understanding of the intricacies and procedures pertaining to criminal defense. If you are searching for a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer, find one that has specific knowledge and expertise in the charges you are facing.

Generally, it makes more sense to find a lawyer that concentrates solely in criminal defense, rather than a general practice attorney. While he or she may be very capable, they may not approach your matter with the kind of background a highly experienced criminal lawyer would, thereby allowing you the ability to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

So, why is it so important that the attorney you choose be an experienced Minnesota criminal attorney? Well, criminal law cases do differ significantly from state to state. For Minnesota criminal defense cases, Minnesota lawyers are obviously well suited for the job. An experienced Minnesota criminal attorney will have a detailed understanding of the evidence gathering processes, crime scene analysis, deposing witnesses, and the criminal prosecution process.

When searching for a criminal attorney, Minnesota residents may begin their search on the Internet. While the Internet can be a helpful starting place for finding a defense attorney, potential clients should never choose their attorney based solely on information found on the Internet. Here are steps to help you choose your Minnesota criminal attorney:

  • Start with an Internet search entering specific search terms like 'criminal defense Minnesota' or ‘Minneapolis DWI attorney' to get a listing of attorneys specializing in these types of cases.
  • Thoroughly review the website. Is it professional and easy to understand? Are there testimonials from satisfied clients? Can you see examples of previous cases that are similar to your case?
  • Once you’ve made a shortlist of the attorneys that seem to have the experience and expertise you need, find out if the lawyer offers free consultation appointments. If so, make an appointment.
  • Come prepared with the details of your case and a list of questions. Ask if the criminal defense lawyer would allow you to speak to former clients for a recommendation. Be upfront and discuss potential fees and costs.
  • Make notes about your consultation. Did you feel comfortable with the attorney? Did he or she seem compassionate and concerned about your case? Did he or she give you an impression that they had the experience and expertise you need?
  • Sit down, review your notes, and make your decision.

A criminal attorney Minnesota residents can call is Douglas Kans, a highly regarded and experienced criminal lawyer with 14 years criminal defense experience. He understands the system and has developed strong relationships with judges, prosecutors, law clerks and others involved in the criminal process and he will put his knowledge and experience to work for you.

When finding a criminal defense lawyer, Minnesota residents need to seek out an experienced attorney such as Douglas Kans who will work tirelessly to see every case in his portfolio resolved in the best possible manner.

Anyone facing charges related to a vehicle accident is encouraged to contact a Minneapolis DWI attorney. Douglas Kans, a Minneapolis DWI attorney with years of relevant experience is qualified, competent and has the capabilities to handle these types of cases.

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